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Lindsey News

Our 6th Album, entitled Home, HAS BEEN RELEASED! Yes, it took us until after Mayan time had ended, but it's done! It's a little mellower and more acoustic than our past albums. THANKS to all those who came out to our CD release party on 12/27/12!! To hear clips of the new songs, go to the Releases page.

KINK 101.9 FM aired two Lindsey Pool songs that we recently performed in the Kink Live Music Lounge. If you'd like to hear more of Lindsey Pool on their Local Music Spotlight, please tell Beth Clyman by emailing her at

94.7fm has now played 2 songs from the new album; "Keep this Alive" and "Over Me".  To keep Lindsey Pool on the radio, PLEASE call or e-mail Jaime and let her know. NRK plays the bands that get the most requests, so you will make a BIG difference.

The request line for the station is 1.800.777.0947. Jaime's e-mail is (AIM- jaime947fm).

To be added to the Lindsey Pool Mailing list, please send an email to