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Home (Available Now!)
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Greg Blaisdell at Rack Recording Studio
  1. Home
  2. There was a Man
  3. Change
  4. Day is Done
  5. Poor Randy
  6. Cash Money
  7. Don't Believe Her
  8. We are Free
  9. My Luckiest
  10. Rock the Cradle
All My Stories (2007)
  Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Greg Blaisdell at Rack Recording Studio
1. Look See
2. Keep this Alive
3. Saturday
4. Conversation
5. Doomed to Lose
6. Patience
7. Happy
8. Summer Breezes
  9. Missing Out .mp3  
10. On My Mind
11. Political Satire
12. Dream
13. Over Me
Rush a Little Faster (2004)
  Recorded/Mixed by Greg and Dan Blaisdell
Mastered at SuperDigital
1. Rivers
2. Christmas Song
3. On and Off Again
  4. Inside Out .mp3
5. Face it
6. Upon Them
7. Coulda Been
8. Stay
9. Minnesota
10. Missing You
11. Darkest Angel
12. The Score
Music For Sight (2000)
  Recorded and Mixed by Greg Blaisdell
Mastered by Dan Blaisdell.
1. It's Over
.mp3 lyrics
2. Phantom
3. Jamie's Song
4. Awkward Conversation
5. In Front of Me
6. Hot Tub Sonata

Postal (1999)
  Recorded/Mixed by Greg Blaisdell and Kris Krummet.
Mastered at Superdigital.
1. Anymore
2. Angel Pumping Gas
.mp3 lyrics
3. Arad
4. Flag
.mp3 lyrics
5. Wasted
6. Starin' at the Sun
7. Take a Ride
8. Melissa 2
9. Sleeptime
10. Optimism Song
11. Wrong #


Better Times (1998)

  Recorded and mixed at Slipslide Studios.
Mastered at Superdigital.
1. Better Times
2. While you were Out
3. Crazy Girl
4. Without a Friend
5. Love Song
6. Normal
7. Reservations @ 8
8. Babewatch
9. Melissa
10. Come Fly with Me
11. The Story of my Life

All songs written and performed by Lindsey Pool, except "Phantom" which was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber. All rights reserved.